Next Wednesday we will be starting our Positive Boards in Art. Remember to keep on collecting postive thoughts and words and pictures that represent you and the things you like and love.

I’m grateful for….

At the end of the day we often reflect on what our day has been like. Here are some of our comments:

Kyle- being able to go outside
Nick- so glad that some of the year 6 girls were playing footy and they had fun
Tara- Im thankful for the fact that I have education
Simone- I am grateful for quiet time.
Jessica- that everyone was safe today
Caitlin- to have another day of life
Alice – for a wonderful day
Mary- people are putting on a smile

Anzac Day Celebration

A wonderful contribution from Year 5/6 in presenting our Anzac celebration during assembly. The children talked about the significance of Anzac day and the symbols that are associated with this important day. St Timothy’s was, once again, very fortunate to have a special guest come in and play The Last Post. Thank you Rob for making the time to participate in our Anzac celebration and making it special.


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