Term 2 – Here we go

Welcome back

As many schools are on breaks or have just had them, new challenges are not being added again till Sunday 19th April. So we can use this week to catch up!

Please review the tasks and ensure you done at least one task to each week. In summary, it would be great if you have all done the following tasks as well as the posts for the weekly challenge:

  1. Created or updated an About me page / post
  2. Added the Class Blogs Widget
  3. Added a Flag Counter Widget
  4. If you have received a comment from another student and/or your mentor – make sure you reply on your blog as well as visiting their site and commenting there are well (if they left a link)
  5. Ensured any images you have used are ‘attributed’ correctly and are not Copyright images.
  6. If you are completely up to date – you can always leave more comments, write on your own topics!

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