Guest Speaker- Winston Zammit

This morning a guest speaker came to our classroom to talk to us about packaging. I learnt that lots of packages cost more or less depending on the quality, the materials or the design. An average plastic bag costs approx 25-30 cents. An average high-end paper bag costs approx $1.00-$1.80. (Theodore)

I learnt that most bags are white and they then have the colours printed on them. (Mietta)

I learnt that it takes about one hour to make 5,000 plastic bags. (Kaye)

I learnt that there are only four colours used in the printing of bags. (Heath)

The fabric recyclable bags that supermarkets sell are made out of plastic and take longer to disintegrate. (Simone)

I learnt that high-end stores pay attention to quality packaging and tend to spend more money on packaging to make their advertising effective. It’s important for packaging to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and environmentally friendly. (Patrick, Simone, Asher, Charlotte)

There are two types of plastic bags – low density and high density. Low density bags, e.g. Myer. High density bags, e.g. supermarket (singlet) bags. They used resin to start off making plastic bags. (Chloe, Kayla H)

The process of making paper bags consumes a lot of water. Some companies pay extra to have the ‘epi’ symbol on their bags. These bags are degradable bags and they take approx 18 months to break down. Does anyone know what ‘epi’ stands for? (Rhys, Matthew)


Paper bags  Vs.  Plastic bags

Are paper bags more environmentally friendly than plastic bags? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Hi 5/6Z,

    I am also in 5/6 and I think your blog is so cool! I love your background and the way you have posted on what you learnt. Winston Zammit sounded really interesting! I wish my school could have guest speakers like that!
    How long have you been blogging? As homework, do you ever have to comment on your blog?
    By the way, as homework we had to comment on other schools blogs. We would really love it if you could comment on our blog, so if you’ve got any spare time, here’s the address,

    Happy learning!


  2. Hi 5/6 Z! This is Kayla from Las Vegas. Today I looked at different hotels and sightseeing places. I saw the Eiffel Tower restaurant. It looked awesome! I saw hotels such as, Caesars Palace, Aria, Bellagio and Flamingo. I am staying at the Flamingo hotel and my family and I have a perfect view. How are you guys going? I wish you guys could see all the wonderful things here. I look forward seeing you guys next term.

    All the best and fun
    From Kayla

    1. Hi Kayla its Alice,
      I have been missing you from school for the last few days and now I cant believe your in Las Vegas! My parents went there before and I really want to go but you the luckiest girl I’ve known. I hope your not feeling too jetlagged and I hope you have a great holiday, see you soon
      Lots of hugs, Alice

      1. Thanks Alice! I had been waiting a while to get a reply from you guys. by the way I had just returned from….. NEW YORK!! i saw the statue of Liberty. i was lucky enough to go inside the pedestal. by the way i’m not so jetlagged. right now i’m L.A. Right now it’s 11:00 PM and i just came back from Disneyland. it was awesome. i went on so many rides and one ride was called Splash Mountain. i got really wet.
        thanks for replying
        K.H xoxo

    2. Wassup Kayz? I hope your having a great time on your holiday. I am extremely jealous of you because your in America and Ariana Grande lives in America so your basically breathing the same air as her 🙁 Also just to tell you, Ariana was on X FACTOR and SUNRISE and she was PERFECT (as always yolo) I miss you lots and wish you the best on your holiday. Our class read your message all together and were amazed about all the things you have seen.


  3. Hey Kayla, heard you’re having fun in Las Vagas. The whole grade read your comment. Are you having so much fun as you said you are? Anyway, hopefully the rest of your trip is the best time you ever had.
    Emily.C xoxo

    1. Hi Em! i really miss you guys! I’m having so much fun here in America. I also went to New York and right now I’m in L.A. I just came home from Disneyland and really cool rides. by the way i’m also here with my cousins. they’re also enjoying it to. I can’t wait to show you guys all the nice things i got from america. i met most of the Disney characters.
      Thanks for replying
      K.H xoxo

  4. Hi Kayla
    I hope you are having a good time and enjoying yourself, we are all messing you here. Thanks for the letter on the blog it sounds like you are having lots of fun hope you have a safe trip back to Melbourne and I will see you next term.

    1. Hi Jess! this is Kayla writing from L.A. i just went to Disneyland and went on awesome rides. i watched a parade and there was Aladdin, Disney Princesses, Frozen, Lion King and so much more. I had also went to Goofey’s Kitchen. i had breakfast there. it was delicious.
      Thanks for replying back
      K.H xoxo

  5. You are so lucky to be having a great time out of school, I envy you so much- how i wish i had the experience of America. What
    i can’t remember what i was writing. soz
    Luv ya
    Al G

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